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Rapid Review Of Outbound Campaigns

How long does it take you to write a script for your agents? Do you sometimes When you conduct a new outbound project, a good tip is to stop after the first hour and evaluate the results and how everything is…
19 hours ago
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Tip of the Day: Scripting

How long does it take you to write a script for your agents? Do you sometimes find they don’t like them? Here’s our tip… When you are asked to write a script or call guide for your agents, a good place to start is to take…
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Tip of the Day: Avoid The “Knee Jerk” Reaction

As a Manger of a contact center there is always the risk that your team may feel you are not involved enough, but have you ever considered that - may be - you get involved too much? Do you make…
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Tip of the Day: Make Training Fun

How many boring training sessions have you sat through? Training should be fun! A simple yet effective idea is to use games linked to the content of the training session – for example you run a question & answer…
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Tip of the Day: Ask Non Customers For Feedback

Often you only get feedback from people who are existing customers, but this type of feedback is not always as objective as it could be. The secret to balanced feedback is to contact the non-customers…
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Tip of the Day: 10 Minute Update

At least once a week have a team update where everyone gets a chance to hear what’s going on and you can share news, snippets of information that may not feature on a company bulletin board, etc. It’s also good to…
Sep 22
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Tip of the Day: Set Priorities For Training

When considering training, whether it is run in-house or outsourced to a training company, set priorities based on an assessment of the training needs. To do this you must ensure that the trainers have…
Sep 21
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Tip of the Day: Service Level Agreements

Many of you operate contact centers with agreed service levels that you work towards. Occasionally these may involve measures that are not 100% within the control of the contact center. For example, if you…
Sep 19
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Tip of the Day: Play Your Agents Their Calls

Recording calls in your contact center is a valuable way to assess quality and develop great service. Some contact centers have to record calls because of legal or other reasons, others choose to do so…
Sep 8
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Tip of the Day: Share Information

Take time to share information with your contact center team. We don’t mean just standard company news – every contact center agent should be able to view the performance stats of the contact center such as speed…
Sep 7
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Tip of the Day: Think About Demotivating Your Staff

Here’s a really great tip to help you motivate your staff! Simply work with your management team to come up with as many ways to demotivate your staff such as cancelling the Christmas party,…
Sep 6
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Tip of the Day: Check Your Number

Ever been in a contact center where the calls don’t come in when they are supposed to? When your company sends out information packs, make sure someone checks the telephone number or even that there is one! We once…
Sep 5
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Tip of the Day: Cancel Training At Your Peril

When you plan training for your agents, team leaders or managers, make sure that the time for training is adhered to – even when it’s busy! All too often training gets cancelled at the last minute…
Sep 4
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Tip of the Day: Customer Satisfaction

Do you measure customer satisfaction? Do you ask callers to your center what they think of your service and how it can be improved? Do you then listen to their feedback? Some of you do, others don’t and there’s…
Aug 31
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Tip of the Day: SWAT Team

We all know that many inbound contact centers suffer from peaks in call traffic throughout the day; however managing them can be difficult. Some contact centers have developed SWAT teams who are made up of colleagues in…
Aug 30
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Tip of the Day: Technology

Using the correct contact center technology is essential, however sometimes technology can be introduced because of its perceived benefits to an organisation without thorough investigation. When considering new technology…
Aug 29

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  • Happy Bday!

  • Thanks for all the great posts!

  • Hello Raj,

    Hope you are well and business is good.

    I was thinking whether you have some good campaigns on ice. We have 30 seats readily available to welcome some good campaign prospects.

    Should be able to put me in communication with one of your contacts that will be awesome.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Warm regards,


    Evergreen Telemarketing

  • To give you some perspective relative to what we do. 

    We specialize in the development, refinement & enhancement of full field targeted Consumer & B2B e-mail, phone

    & postal based lists.  All databases are postal verified (CASS & NCOA Current).

    We provide Targeted Consumer Lists which identify established consumer patterns, lifestyle Interests, transactional

    and important demographic information. 

    Define your target market - we will build your targeted list(s).

    Attached see listing of Broad Range attributes which we can append to any database, or assemble in any combination

    to produce targeted E-mail, Phone and/or Postal databases.

    Our email and phone appends offer fastest turnaround time with industry preferred match rate and accuracy. 

    We also provide high volume "Targeted" e-mail deployment services.

    We are always available for discussion at anytime.





    Additional Services

    Data Updating - Enhancement - Maintenance - Hygiene (Full Service - TurnKey)

    Automated CASS & NCOA

    DNC + True Wireless Scrub - Eliminate Land Lines that have migrated to Wireless = Compliance with TCPA regulations.

    E-mail Validation & Scrubbing Services

    IP Consumer Identification

    API White Labeling

    NetworkMedia Services

    Owen Gay, Director

    Ph: 305-882-6713

    Ph: 888-924-4636

    E-mail: expres21@bellsouth.net

    Systems Powered by:

    Microsoft Platform: .NET Technologies, SQL Server, Sharepoint,

    BizTalk Server: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, WCF, MVC and  Silverlight

    Open source: PHP, MySQL

    Others: iPhone and Android Programming

    NMS providing Quality Data Services since 2000

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  • HI. sir

    Its been glad to saw your profile.sir if you give me some opportunity to work in a better way it will be very glad to me.

    thank you

    sabyasachi sen

  • HI... hope things are going good with you.well i am from Pakistan running a call center as well as doing bpo for past 4 years currently i am running bell canada b2c getting good business, if you need something or you wanna shear somethinf so please do  let me know you can also talk to me on skype.thanks.. 

    Regards Yasir khan

    Skype ID :: yasir_khan321

    E-Mail ID :: ykkhan321@yahoo.com

  • 347 515 6859 my line at work
    347-332-6863 line 2
    877-761-7294 toll free.


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  • Hello Sir/Madam

    We are Looking for Voice and Non-Voice Projects with good Payment.

    I am Muzaffar from Hyderabad we are having a center of 60 seats in Heart of Hyderabad and we are looking for Outsourcing Voice and  Non-Voice  Project Assure Payment

    Please Provide as contact details so that we come forward to Signup a project from you.

    Waiting for you reply.



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