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The Project is from a leading Wireless Retailer in the United States. They have more than 100 stores across the US. They have application data forms that need to be entered into excel. Total of 37 entries for each form received. The application forms contain the same data as required in the excel sheet and in same sequence. Your data entry person has to be good at reading and he should be able to type in information correctly. Quality is of prime importance.

One agent will complete 3 forms per hour and 24 forms per day. Forms will be uploaded on an FTP site and you download. Each agent has to complete minimum 20 forms in a day. The excel sheets needs to be uploaded latest by 7 PM India time every day Monday to Saturday. If you are unable to complete 20 forms per agent, you would have to upload the ones which have already been entered and then ensure they are uploaded later on the same day. Next day is not acceptable unless there is an emergency.

Payment: Rs. 85 per form. Monthly revenue for each processor around Rs. 52,000.

Accuracy Level: 99% is needed. If there are errors, then rework will have to done. BUT THERE WIL BE NO DEDUCTIONS. Time spend on rework will at your cost.

Security Deposit: Rs. 8,500 per processor. Mininmum 5 seats need to be taken. We have a total of 65 seats to be given out as the workload is heavy and will increase as they are opening additional stores.

This is a deposit which is fully refundable after 12 months and there is no other charge, royaltly, commission payable.

Contract: The contract will be for a time period of 24 months after which it will renewed subject to mutual understanding without any fee or charges.

Payment: Payment will be every 15 days. You can submit invoice on 16th day and we will pay on 17th day with Electronic Transfer to your account. NO Payments will be effected if 17th day is SUNDAY. IT will be done on Monday.



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Comment by Syed S.N. Kamaluddin on October 26, 2010 at 11:24am

This is Kamaluddin,

I have my own System and I have a very good experience in typing. If there is any possibilities that you can outsource this process to one single system, please let me know and also to let you know I am very well versed in Excel, so I hope it won't be an issue for me to work on this process. If you are really interested you can send me the details and one more thing I am not in a position to invest money right now, as you can deduct the consulting charges from my first payment.

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