Raj Wadhwani posted a status
Jan 19
Tip of the Day: Multilingual IVR

Once again we place IVR systems under the spotlight. If you offer options in different languages make the initial messages short so that someone who does not understand the languages being spoken should not have to listen for more than 10 seconds before they get their language. For example, you could say “Welcome to ContactCenterWorld.com, for service in English press 1, French press 2, Spanish press 3”. In addition, once a user has chosen a language, present all options from this point on in their ‘chosen’ language only – too many companies give you further menu options in different languages after you have made your selection! Lastly, make sure all options are available in all languages – I called a contact center technology provider yesterday and selected English as my preferred language and eventually came to the option to dial an extension by name – but all the instructions were in French – how frustrating!


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