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Please take a look below and let me show you how our dialer will make a difference in your sales because of 2 things; speed and wait time in between calls. More live connects, more sales, more money. I welcome the opportunity to earn you as a customer through our 3 day FREE Trial. We are a hosted solution and it takes only 30 minutes to setup your entire sales team. There is no software to install or expensive equipment to buy; We do all the dialing on our back end. You are on your very own hosted server, not sharing with other companies. All you need to get started is a lead list, USB headsets, computers, and internet access. All calls are made through your computer, we don’t even tie up your office phones. With our real time reporting see how many calls your agents are making, what the outcomes of these calls are, and how many deals are in play. Get in control, make more calls, make more contacts per day and turn more prospects into sales. We work with many companies or outsourced telesales centers in the debt settlement, credit repair, mortgage, insurance, merchant services, home improvement, and many other industries providing you with a predictive dialer to enhance and take your sales growth to the next level. Our dialer gives you the ability to have your fronter communicate with your closer in a very efficient manner. We also have the ability to work with real time leads with a transfer rate of 7 seconds. Your agents are able to set more appointments in 1 hour of dialing than they can in 1 day of manual calling. What a great way to send your sales soaring and keep your appointment setters happy when they see their commissions building quickly. To sum up the features, our dialer gives you the ability to dial up to 35 lines per station with wait time at 5-10 seconds between calls. You have the ability to change the speed at any given time. An increase in speed and a cut down in wait time will keep your agents happy because they are connecting with more live answers and quicker. This leads to more sales! I am confident that you will see a huge difference compared to the way you are currently dialing. I have clients that use 3 dialer seats and my clients range up to 1500 dialer seats in larger call centers. Our pricing plans are structured to meet the needs and budgets of all businesses: 10 seats for $299 per month plus airtime at 1.5 cents per minute billed in 6 second increments-dialing up to 35 lines per person 20 seats for $599 per month plus airtime at 1.5 cents per minute billed in 6 second increments-dialing up to 35 lines per person $125 per seat with unlimited dialing(airtime included)- dialing up to5 lines per person Dialer Seats are otherwise priced at $50 per seat per month plus the cost of airtime as seen above, dialing up to 35 lines person A person using the dialer for 8 hours per day will spend at maximum, $80 per month in airtime.($4 per day). We do not charge any service fees, set up fees, nor do we require a yearly contract. Our service agreements are month to month. The best way to view the dialer is to do the 3 day FREE trial . It is very easy to use and we can get you running within as little as 30 minutes of the installation! Please feel to check out our website at www.salestechnologies.com I look forward to helping you to increase your sales dramatically and welcome the opportunity to show you how with proof through dialing for FREE during the trial. -- Carey Esrael Account Executive 856-630-9854 careye@wepowersales.com




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